Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tapas Tapas Tapas

Tapas are small plates or appetizers in Spanish cuisine. They can be served hot or cold. While Alan and I were in Barcelona we had the best tapas of the entire trip. If you are ever in Barcelona go to La Bombeta, C/ Maquinista, 3, 08003 Barcelona, Spain. Their food was divine, every single thing we ordered was so good.

We stared off with a pitcher of sangria, very addicting,  while we looked through the menu and selected our tapas. After putting our Spanish lessons to good use, as written above their bar "no hablo ingles", we made our selections. We started with the house specialty, bombas ,deep-fried balls of fluffy mashed potato served with a spicy brava sauce. OMG, seriously like nothing I had ever had before. The potatoes were light an fluffy and they had ground chorizo in them that gave them a spicy kick. The brava sauce is like a spicy mayo that complements the potatoes very well. Our other tapas included  ham croquettes, patatas bravas, grilled mushrooms, chorizo, and for dessert we split creme catalana casera. Creme catalana casera is a custard based dessert that is similar to creme brulee, only served cold. Here are few photos of our fantastic meal!

Bombas, I will have to learn to make these.

ham croquettes

patatas bravas

grilled mushrooms


Creme catalana casera

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